In the face of fear

This morning I wakened to the news of another terrorist attack, this time in Manchester, England. 22 people killed and many more injured whilst enjoying a music concert, many of them children and teenagers. I feel almost crippled with fear as I imagine a future for my own children where something so terrible could happen … More In the face of fear


Painting Lessons

  My 4 year old daughter is teaching me how to paint. I hadn’t painted since I was at school. Why would I? I’m not an artist. All too often I stop myself from doing things because they have no satisfactory outcome, the results don’t meet my high expectations of myself. I can’t paint and … More Painting Lessons

The best Mother’s Day gift and why we don’t punish our children.

“Discipline is helping a child solve a problem. Punishing is making a child suffer for having a problem. To raise problem solvers, focus on solutions not retribution.” – L.R.Knost Before Miss A was born I believed that children needed to be strongly disciplined in order to learn respect for others, to learn right from wrong … More The best Mother’s Day gift and why we don’t punish our children.

Welcome to Our Home

I’m Sarah, a mother, teacher, writer, homemaker. I live with my husband and two daughters in Italy. Together we are striving to create a peaceful and respectful home. I believe that the only way to make changes in the world around us is to start by changing the world within our own homes and our own hearts. In particular I believe that raising children with peace and respect will in turn create more peace and respect in the world. … More Welcome to Our Home